Adult Aikido Program

Giammanco Sensei Kokyunage

Our adult program (ages 13+) consists of a variety of empty-hand and weapon techniques which blend and redirect an attacker’s energy in a controlled and compassionate defense.

Beginners are always welcome. Attending our regularly scheduled classes, beginner students are safely guided and supported as they are immersed in Aikido training. For beginners, early emphasis is placed on learning to roll and fall, on basic body movement, and on relaxation. These are foundational elements of Aikido practice.


Zazen is seated meditation. We offer Zazen as a complimentary means of training our mind alongside Aikido. We medidate on being present in the moment. We hear the sounds of the city around us and recognize our thoughts that bounce through our minds. We practice learning to not get attached to these sounds or thoughts. 

This has direct implications for our martial training and general growth. By learning to calm the endless ripples of our mind, we can see things just as they are.

Adult Schedule

Tuesday Aikido - 6:30-8:00pm
Thursday Aikido - 7:00-8:30pm

Come Watch a Class

Come watch and class, speak with our instructor and get to know us. Check out our schedule and contact us to let us know a day/time that works best for you to watch a class. We will follow up to confirm a time. 

Dojo Membership and Fees

The following are our membership options. We recommend that all new members start with the Trial Membership to see if Aikido and our dojo prove to be a good fit for you. If after a successful trial you want to continue, you can signup for our monthly membership detailed below as well. 

Adult Trial Membership

To help you try Aikido and experience our dojo we offer a fantastic deal. Our Adult Trial Membership is only $50 and includes the following:

  • Take up to any 5 adult classes within a two month period

  • Your two month period begins on the day of purchase

  • If you join the dojo within 30 days of your first class, the cost of the trial membership is refunded.

  • No uniform required

  • No prior martial arts experience required

To setup your membership register and then select to purchase a trial or full membership.

Register to sign up for the Trial Membership

Adult Full Membership

Our Full Adult Membership is $90 Per Month and allows you to attend as many classes at Brooklyn Aikido Center per month as you like. There is no contract and you can cancel your membership at any time.

Please note that there are additional fees including purchasing your own Gi (uniform) and testing fees.