Brooklyn Aikido Center

Aiki Kids

A Pre-Martial Arts Course for Ages 4-6

Aikido is a non-competitive martial art. Children learn how not to fight. Instead, children practice compassion, awareness, and cooperation as means towards self-improvement and self-protection.

The Aiki Kids course is a fun introductory Aikido experience for kids ages 4 - 6. Students experience Aikido movements, principles and techniques all while practicing with the following objectives in mind.

Classes begin with a bow in to welcome the teacher and practice. We warm-up with various movements and exercises and then engage in up to three different activities. Activities are aligned to our core objectives and are designed to be fun and engaging. Class ends by bowing out and all participants sharing thanks to each other.

Program Details

Our Aiki Kids program is offered in seasonal, 10-week sessions.

Please see our schedule page for session class times

Fall 2018 Session

Our next session will be open for registration soon. If interested in participating, please contact us or join our mailing list and we will share when registration opens.


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“I am very happy that I signed my son up for Aiki Kids classes. It’s very engaging. I love looking at my son learn, and play and run on the mats. He loves learning “new kool moves” I especially like that the class size is small. I would encourage anyone to try it at least once. My son and I are both looking forward to many more classes and meeting new friends.”

“My son loved his Aikido teachers! Highly recommended!”

“A great place to train, for kids and adults, with amazing instructors!”