Brooklyn Aikido Center

2018 Church Ave Street Fair

Sharing this wonderful art with our Church Ave. community at the annual street fair.

We were excited to have been asked to give a demonstration at the Church Avenue Street Fair. We are part of the community the event was celebrating and it was wonderful to be able to share our training with others.

Members from both our Aiki Kids and Youth Aikido programs really stepped up in support of the dojo. We ran a brief class as part of the demo to show some of our stretching and warm up routines followed by showcasing two techniques. Everyone did a fantastic job.

Youth Aikido demonstration warmups at 2018 Church Ave Street fair in Brooklyn, NY
Youth Aikido demonstration showcasing technique at the 2018 Church Ave Street Fair in Brooklyn, NY
Following the youth we did an adult demonstration. The mat space was small so we focused on linear and direct techniques.
Adult Aikido demonstration given at the 2018 Church Ave Street Festival in Brooklyn, NY
Sharing our learning and passion for Aikido training with our community is important. We thank the Church Ave. BID for their invitation and support.

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