Brooklyn Aikido Center

We Are Moving to a New Training Space

We are coming to 69 Stratford Road near the corner of Church Avenue later this summer!

We are excited to share that later this summer we will be moving to a new training space at 69 Stratford Rd. near the corner of Church Ave. We have been invited to share this location with a wonderful partner that we look forward to announcing in the near future.

The space is in the process of being fully renovated. We will be able to add additional mats to increase our training spaceĀ and share in many amenities including what will be a very nice entry/waiting room. Our schedule is expected to stay the same.

We expect that this change will improve the training opportunities and experience for all our members.

A lot of effort when into finding a new home that will allow us to continue to grow and offer a warm and inviting place to train.

Brooklyn Aikido Center's new training space in progress

Laying down the new floor at what will be our new training space.

Painting the outside at Brooklyn Aikido Center's new location

A fresh coat of paint and our entrance off Stratford.

Brooklyn Aikido Center provides training of both body and mind through the traditional Japanese martial art of Aikido and Zazen meditation. If you have any questions about our programs please email us or call us at 347-735-6744.

Interested in watching or taking a trial class? Contact us to set up a time.