Brooklyn Aikido Center

Brooklyn Aikido Center: Honshinkan Dojo

Core to Aikido is the ability to blend, redirect, and react to the energies we are confronted with.

An End and New Begining

Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art often translated as the “Way of Harmonizing Energy”. We work with various energies generated by our training partners in the form of strikes and grabs. Practitioners respond to the energy by connecting, blending, guiding, and redirecting it.

Due to circumstances with our space and related factors I have decided to close Brooklyn Aikido Center.

On September 1st I will be rejoining Jikishinkan Aikido Dojo in Boerum Hill. This is our sister dojo, the dojo where I trained for many many years under Stewart Johnson Sensei. I am grateful to have a wonderful relationship with Johnson Sensei. He is the Dojo Cho and Chief Instructor at Jikishinkan as well as a Teaching Committee member which we both share the honor of serving on for Zenshinkai Aikido Association.

I will return to being a student of Stewart Johnson Sensei as well as serve as a senior member and regular instructor of that dojo for both adults and youth.

Thankfully, I am excited that a great many of our adult and youth members from Brooklyn Aikido Center will be joining me at Jikishinkan to continue our training together.

If you have any interest in training now or in the future I’d like to invite you to check out Jikishinkan.

You can learn more about Jikishinkan from its website at Of course, don’t hesitate to reply to ask me any questions.

A Brief Reflection
As is common with change there is sadness and happiness. Running Brooklyn Aikido Center for three years as a labor of love alongside many other commitments including a full-time job has not been easy. But the growth that I have witnessed and the fact that so many people have found joy and value from the art that I hold dear is a wealthy payment in return.

It has been an honor building the Brooklyn Aikido Center: Honshinkan Dojo community. Together, we made something that we can all look fondly back at, remembering it for where our member’s Aikido journeys began and flourished. For this I am honored and grateful.

Good Stance
Good Stance is the nonprofit behind Brooklyn Aikido Center and it will continue on in a new form. I have some ideas that I hope to explore to continue to help promote and do good for youth through the practice of Aikido. Please take a moment to check out the Good Stance website if interested to learn more.

Thank you for your support and interest!


Seth Giammanco
Yondon (4th Degree Black Belt)
Former Chief Instructor, Brooklyn Aikido Center
Adult and Youth Instructor, Jikishinkan Aikido Dojo
Executive Director, Good Stance, Inc.