Brooklyn Aikido Center

Brooklyn Aikido Center: Honshinkan Dojo

Offering training in the traditional Japanese martial art of Aikido. Serving the community of Kensington, Brooklyn and its surrounding neighborhoods.


Aikido is often translated as the “Way of Harmonizing Energy”. This is a great description of regular practice. We work with various energies generated by our training partners in the form of strikes and grabs. We practice connecting, blending, guiding, and redirecting these energies. We re-wire the instinct to fight against these forces and rather utilize and defuse them for a more desirable outcome.

Aikido does not rely on physical strength or size to be effective. We learn to use our core and through proper form and timing generate power in technique.

Aikido is also commonly referred to as “The Art of Peace”. This describes a desired outcome. We challenge ourselves through training to develop an inner peace and calm. We recognize over time that the only conflict that we need overcome is that within ourself. We strive to develop our ability to quiet our contentious minds and ultimately use it and our physical skills to better serve others.

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